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Brush and Leaf Removal

Debris Removal Information 

LeavesThe Town of Somerville Street department tries diligently to run a Brush Removal Route on a weekly basis. Weekly leaf removal operations begin in October and run through April 15th of the following year.

Brush, Limbs and Leaves

Branches*, twigs, shrub clippings, garden trimmings, plant stalks, pine needles, tree trimmings & pruning debris, weeds, flowers, and all other vegetative yard debris.

*Policies for brush and branches: All brush put out at curb must be no longer than 5 ft. in length and less than 4” in diameter.  Brush should be properly stacked with butt ends together. Brush piles should not be more than 4’ high and 4’ wide. Shrub clippings, plant stalks, pine needles, and other vegetative materials should be placed in a separate pile form the brush material.

Not included: all non-vegetative items including garbage, soil, railroad ties, landscape timber, pressure-treated materials, concrete, bricks, rocks, ceramic tile, tree stumps or large tree limbs, construction materials, shingles, sheetrock, wallboard, stones, plywood, lumber. automobile parts, batteries, tires, metal materials, electronic equipment, computers, TVs, household appliances, plastic materials, drums of any type, liquids, poisons, explosives. Brush and limbs will be collected if the length of the branches is no longer than six (6) feet and less than 8” round.

Leaves should be neatly raked near the curb so the collection truck can easily remove them from your property. Please do not pile the leaves in drainage ditches or in roadways as this practice could cause other issues.

To schedule a pickup call 901-465-9500.