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The Town of Somerville values the role builders and developers play in bringing sewer service to customers. We understand our role in delivering efficient sewer service planning, responsiveness and expertise. The Somerville Sewer Department will work closely with builders and developers to ensure the needs of our current and future mutual customers are met.

If you are a builder or a developer, you may have special needs when it comes to sewer supply. Somerville is always here to address those needs. Commercial or residential, no matter what you build, we will make sure that our part of the job is done quickly and efficiently.

If you are a developer and/or builder interested in Somerville supplying sewer service in a subdivision and/or mixed-use development please contact:

Bill Shaeffer, Community Planning Director
(901) 465-9500

Contractors, always remember to call 811 prior to digging.
Call Before You Dig